What We Do

What We Do

BioPharm Process Associates provides expert biopharmaceutical manufacturing consulting to move your product into human clinical trials or to commercialize it. We solve the issues you face now without the need to hire and train permanent staff. We have solved similar bioprocess problems before and will find an efficient and effective way to address your specific needs. We are biopharmaceutical manufacturing consulting experts at developing cost-effective biomanufacturing strategies, finding the best partner or contractor to produce your product, developing and scaling up your manufacturing bioprocess, creating quality systems, writing regulatory filings, negotiating supply agreements and conducting due diligence.

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Create A Comprehensive Strategy

We will work directly with your staff and your business partners to construct a comprehensive strategy to address your concerns. Using our extensive experience, we will save you time and money by integrating in all of the necessary components while avoiding the pitfalls of unclear goals, unnecessary tasks and unwarranted detail.

Deliver On Your Timeline And Budget

We will manage your biopharmaceutical manufacturing consulting project to deliver the agreed upon deliverables on time and on budget, including ensuring that your partners, suppliers and contractors deliver their project components. We know that your timelines drive your business success, so we will ensure that they are met.

Available When You Need Us

BioPharm Process Associates has been providing these services since 2000, and will be available now and in the future when you need us. As one of our clients, you can be sure that your current and future needs will be met.

Responsive And Flexible

We will ensure that you get just the services you need and request, by tailoring our approach to your unique situation. We will deliver biopharmaceutical manufacturing consulting results to you efficiently and effectively, on time and on budget.